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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Final Stage Podcast Episode 20

Graphic for Episode 20
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Episode 20 - Direct Link

Final Stage Podcast Episode 20: "Sasuke 2 Review: Welcome to Midoriyama"

Published on Dec 2, 2016

One year after Sasuke 1, TBS decided to bring back Sasuke and call it Sasuke 2! But they couldn't do it indoors again, they needed to move outdoors! So they packed everything on a truck (including the contestants!) and shipped them to Midoriyama. So join us as we review Sasuke's first foray outdoors, Sasuke 2!

Also, we discuss Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness, Team Ninja Warrior Denmark, Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and The Ultimate Beastmaster?!

Show notes:
0:30 Intro
4:59 William reviews the Double Dare Reunion and the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie
8:48 Arsenette's month and projects
Sasuke 32 - Day 1 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
12:52 Team Ninja Warrior Denmark discussion
15:58 Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness episode 1 discussion
Armchair Ninja Podcast Interview with Matt Iseman
34:25 Yuuji Urushihara is competing on Ultimate Beastmaster, which should hopefully be debuting soon

43:17 Sasuke application deadline is January 6th

45:18 There's a crowdfunding campaign to get Nagano to the US!
50:58 Sasuke 2 Review Intro
Sasuke "bus"
Sasuke bus opens up!
1:02:05 Stage 1

Stage 1 of Sasuke 2
Barrel Climb's.. "pit"

(Last time when the Sasuke chant was used - Sasuke 26)
Chie (later Nishimura) Tanabe 田邊 智恵 is still the only woman to clear Sasuke's First Stage
Toyohisa Iijima 飯島 豊久 channeling his Bruce Lee persona
Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山 和彦
Wall lift landing on someone's chest.

1:20:09 Stage 2
Sasuke 2's full course at night
Shingo Yamamoto on the Propeller bars
1:31:57 Stage 3
Sasuke 2 Finalists
1:40:17 Final Stage
Kunoichi 2 (I incorrectly said 1)
William and I make early predictions on whether or not Sasuke 33 will be under snow with it's winter tournament.
Spinning Log
1:46:58 Saying goodbye to some obstacles
Viewer questions:
1:52:29 What do you think of the Hang Move, and do you think there has ever been an easier Stage Three obstacle?
1:56:03 So despite how it was back then, should everyone still accept that Chie Nishimura is the 1st woman to beat Stage 1?
1:59:16 Do you think that Chie Nishimura's mistake on the Spider Walk caused the Body Prop in SASUKE 5?
Hammer Dodge
2:00:30 What are obstacles/competitors from Sasuke 1 you would love to see in Sasuke today?
2:04:00 What was your reaction to Chie Tanabe clearing the 1st stage?
2:13:07 Do you think Akiyama wore #100 well? Do you think it was deserved?
2:15:32 Sasuke 2 final thoughts
Mike, Philip, Geoff, Me, Alex and Strat
Sasuke Line up complete with photobomb during the Finals of National Ninja League ©Arsenette
Mike Bernardo and Ryan Stratis doing an interview with William for the Final Stage Podcast between breaks during the Finals of the National Ninja League ©Arsenette
2:17:34 2016 In Review
2:26:55 Closing

Music Credits:
"Ep 5 - Mansion"
by: Isaac Wilkins

P.S. Kunoichi 8 sucks

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